Prayer Ministry

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Comprehensive Prayer Ministry

Are you struggling with anxiety or addiction?
Are you looking to have some inner healing?
Do you feel like you cannot move forward?

Equippers Christchurch have a trained team prepared and ready to help. If you are looking for a wellness check or any of the other kinds of prayer, book an appointment. God wants to set you free and give you liberty!

  • Spiritual Wellness Check Up (good for all to have annually)

  • Trauma Resolution (process what has happened well)

  • Inner Healing (work through deep hurts thoroughly)

  • Grief Processing (find Jesus in your pain)


Helpful links

Trauma prayer - this audio link has been used by millions to help them in the time of trauma and the period of healing after. It is 23 minutes long and will minister to your needs. Click here for the trauma prayer

Freemasonry Deliverance Prayer - God is wanting you to be free from all generational bondage brought on you by those in your family line who were involved in freemasonry of any level or kind. This is a great resource, it is comprehensive and detailed. Pray this prayer out loud to get free from the bondage of your past. Click here for the prayer


Sermons worth listening to

Pastor Jordan Smith - You Are Not Broken click here for the message


Prayer for those who are far from God - this prayer is in a teaching format and will help you know the word of God around the subject of those you love who are far from Him. Click here for the prayer